Transportation Options

David is committed to Improving Transportation Options across Athens-Clarke County.  He views this both as a quality of life and economic issue.

Quality of Life

David envisions an Athens where one can shop, go to work or school, and later enjoy an evening with friends and family without having to drive a car.  To that end, he encourages pedestrian friendly policies, supports bicycle paths, and believes that mass transit can be made more practical and user friendly.

The bike friendly nature of Athens-Clarke County is one of its great features. David encourages the placement of bicycle lanes on streets and in neighborhoods where they will be used and enjoyed.  He also supports policies where cyclists can travel safely and easily around Athens.

David also wants to develop a safe and reliable means of transportation to and from downtown.  Downtown Athens is a cultural gem, but too many people shy away from going downtown because of parking or due to the hassle it can sometimes be to get Downtown and back.  Not only would consistent transportation would support Downtown and increase access for the entire community, but it would enhance safety for those on the road and for those who frequently have no assurance that a cab ride will send them home safely.

David also recognizes that each neighborhood has unique transportation issues, and so he supports creative solutions such as Tax Allocation Districts to ensure that the transportation needs of each neighborhood can be satisfied.

An Economic Issue

Transportation Options can also help promote economic development.  If we connect Athens to the world, the world will come to Athens.

Transportation Hubs

Athens’ proximity to Atlanta’s international airport, Savannah’s Port, and several interstates presents many economic opportunities.  Major employers will come to Athens if it is quick and easy to transport goods and services to markets worldwide.  As Commissioner, David will take a leadership role to facilitate Athens’ connectivity to these major transportation hubs.

Medical Community

Improving Transportation will also help the local medical community.  The Medical Community is one of the top employers in Athens Clarke County and employs across all educational backgrounds. Athens is a regional medical hub with two renowned hospitals, many skilled physicians and a new medical school.  However, patients from surrounding counties find it difficult to travel to Athens in order to receive medical care. By improving transportation options, we can support the local economy by promoting job creation in one of the leading sectors in Athens-Clarke County.


Athens is a cultural destination and, due to the enthusiastic support of UGA Athletics, has the facilities to handle increased tourism. By making it easier both to get into and to get around Athens, Athens can become a major tourism draw across the Southeast.

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