Preserving the Character of Athens

As Commissioner, David will be dedicated to improving the quality of life and enhancing the values of Athens-Clarke County.  To that end, he believes the Commission should:

    • Implement new zoning and development standards that preserve the historic nature, style and atmosphere of each neighborhood
    • Encourage consistent code enforcement that protects single family homes and enhances the appearance of our neighborhoods
    • Develop strategies to prevent residential streets from becoming major traffic thoroughfares
    • Advance pedestrian friendly policies and alternative means of transportation
    • Support historic preservation efforts to safeguard Athens’ distinct culture and heritage

David will strive for reduced property taxes and county service fees because he wants to ensure that Athens remains an affordable place for families to reside.  Athens’ quality of life, cultural amenities and unique neighborhoods will continue to draw people to Athens-Clarke County.  However, the Commission needs to take a leadership role to ensure that those who want to live in Athens can afford to live in Athens.  It is not in the best interests of Athens to be a community of commuters and students.  By attracting families, the Commission can keep Athens vibrant for the generations to follow.

In order to prevent Athens from becoming a commuter city, the Commission should develop policies to make it easier to work, live, shop and socialize in Athens-Clarke County.  As Caterpillar and other employers arrive, we need to promote Athens-Clarke County so that employees live in Athens, send their children to our schools, and reinvest into the community by patronizing local businesses.  Through prudent planning and tax policies, the Commission can foster a sustainable community that secures the future of Athens-Clarke County.