Government Transparency and Accountability

As Commissioner, David will lead a transparent government that is accountable to the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.  A Commissioner owes a fiduciary duty to the citizens and has the obligation to be a responsible steward of public funds.  In this great recession, citizens and local governments alike are operating under unprecedented fiscal restraints.  The citizens of Athens-Clarke County deserve an efficient government that spends each tax dollar in a responsible and transparent manner. David will ensure that public funds and SPLOST projects are managed responsibly.

David has pledged to implement many of the recommendation of the 2010 Charter Overview Commission.  In particular he believes that the Manager’s Office should

  • Develop a long range (5, 10, and 20 year) financial plan for services, which asks each department to analyze changing community needs and opportunities for increasing efficiencies.
  • Create a reporting method to clearly track amounts paid to and services provided by individual consultants, consulting firms, contractors, and contract employees by each department.  This was also a recommendation of the 1999 Charter Overview Commission, but the Athens-Clarke County Commission has still not implemented a clear reporting method to track public expenditures on third-parties.
David also believes that the Public Utilities Department should be audited.  This was another recommendation of the 2010 Charter Overview Commission, and David believes an audit is long overdue since this large department has never been audited.  Each year, water fees increase and the public deserves to know if this Department is being managed efficiently.  You can learn more about the 2010 Charter Overview Commission here.


Finally, I will represent the citizens of Athens above special interests and unelected public officials.  The Commission has abdicated whatever power it once had over the Manager’s Office and the County Attorney.  When on the Commission, I will rein in the power of unelected officials and my decisions will be decided by the needs of the people.