Responsible Leadership

David will bring a fresh perspective to the Commission and look to new ideas to promote economic development.    As Commissioner, David will represent Athens positively to the business community and seek solutions for those who want to bring jobs and investment to Athens-Clarke County.  David also supports the creation of an independent ombudsman within the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government to help entrepreneurs navigate the process and setup successful businesses in Athens-Clarke County.

David believes that Athens-Clarke County needs a common vision so that Athens remains vibrant for future generations.   As Commissioner, David will take a long-term approach and consider the issues with a view towards protecting Athens’ best interests 10, 20, and 50 years down the road.  Without such a vision, the Commission risks pursuing short-sighted goals that could mortgage Athens’ future.

Ultimately, David wants to solve any problems that curtail economic development while staying true to Athens’ unique vision and cultural heritage.

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