Economic Development

Promoting Economic Development is the most important task for the Athens-Clarke County Commission over the next four years and beyond.  As Commissioner, David will streamline the process that often hinders investment in Athens-Clarke County.

Right now, the process to start a business or improve a property takes too long and is too expensive for local businesses and entrepreneurs.  It is not uncommon for the process to cost tens of thousands of dollars and to exceed several months to a year.

There exists a paradox within Athens-Clarke County in that we have a strict zoning code to preserve the local character of Athens, but only well-funded corporations tend to have the time and money to navigate the Athens-Clarke County process.  The Commission should take a leadership role and make it easier to start a business or invest in Athens-Clarke County.

By leveling the playing field between local businesses and out-of-town corporations, the Commission can enhance job opportunities, increase tax revenues and ensure that our local economy remains vibrant and sustainable.

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