Economic Development of Athens-Clarke County

Promoting economic development is the most important task for the ACC Commission. As Commissioner, David will streamline the process that often hinders investment in Athens-Clarke County. Continue reading  →

Encouraging Job Opportunities in Athens, GA

David will take an active role in encouraging trade and industry through sound economic policies, facilitating future investment and job creating opportunities both for this generation and for the generations to come. Continue reading →

Investing in the Tax Base

David believes that excellent public schools and quality education for all Athenians are among the most important factors for long-term economic development. Continue reading  →

Responsible Leadership

As Commissioner, he will represent Athens positively to the business community and seek solutions for those who want to bring jobs and investment to Athens-Clarke County. Continue reading  →

  • Encourage Job Creation and Support Local Business Investment
  • Ensure that Taxpayers’ Dollars are spent Efficiently and Effectively
  • Support Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhoods with Parks and Greenspace
  • Strive for Affordable Property Taxes and County Service Fees
  • Represent Athens and Seek Constructive Dialogue with the State Government