Clarke County Grand Jury Finds that the School Board’s Management of Public Funds to be “Unconscionable”

David Ellison appeared on an in-studio forum yesterday on the Tim Bryant Show.  On the show, the candidates discussed the Grand Jury’s Report on the School Board’s handling of public funds.  You can listen to the show here, and can view the Grand Jury’s Presentment here.  You can also review the Auditors’ findings from 20062007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

My opponent is running on her record on the School Board; however, the Grand Jury of Athens-Clarke County found the School Board’s management of the public funds to be “unconscionable.”  There was a “lack of adequate control,” and “failure to monitor” that has resulted in taxpayers’ dollars “being exposed to increased risk of theft, fraud of misuse.”  Further, the Grand Jury found that “these weaknesses have been cited by the Independent Auditor for several years in a row.  And even worse, the School District’s response to these previous findings was to agree with them, promise to correct them, yet not doing so.    Under these conditions, the Grand Jury concluded that “theft, fraud and misuse may indeed have already occurred, and we don’t know it.”

District 4 deserves a Commissioner who believes that an elected official has a fiduciary duty to responsibly manage and account for public funds.  Year after year, the School Board was told of material weaknesses in their management of finances, they promised to correct them, and yet did nothing.  Considering that my opponent did not hold the Superintendent accountable for public funds, she has little credibility when it comes to holding the City Manager and County Attorney accountable to the people of Athens.  District 4 cannot have a candidate who has a track record of making promises to better manage the public funds and then not fulfilling those promises.  Now, as a candidate, my opponent is the only local candidate for office who did not filed her campaign disclosure forms with the State Ethics office in a timely manner.  These disclosures are required by law, and she has failed again to comply with the responsibilities of her position.

Transparency and Accountability are not among my opponent’s priorities.  As Commissioner, I pledge to serve the citizens and lead a transparent government that is accountable to the citizens and taxpayers of Athens-Clarke County.

Support Government Transparency and Accountability.  Elect David Ellison to the Athens-Clarke County Commission.

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