Election Day!

Vote for David Ellison Today!  Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM.  Afterwards, join the campaign at the Butt Hutt as we enjoy BBQ and await the returns.  Please go Vote!

Clarke County Grand Jury Finds that the School Board’s Management of Public Funds to be “Unconscionable”

David Ellison appeared on an in-studio forum yesterday on the Tim Bryant Show.  On the show, the candidates discussed the Grand Jury’s Report on the School Board’s handling of public funds.  You can listen to the show here, and can view the Grand Jury’s Presentment here.  You can also review the Auditors’ findings from 20062007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

My opponent is running on her record on the School Board; however, the Grand Jury of Athens-Clarke County found the School Board’s management of the public funds to be “unconscionable.”  There was a “lack of adequate control,” and “failure to monitor” that has resulted in taxpayers’ dollars “being exposed to increased risk of theft, fraud of misuse.”  Further, the Grand Jury found that “these weaknesses have been cited by the Independent Auditor for several years in a row.  And even worse, the School District’s response to these previous findings was to agree with them, promise to correct them, yet not doing so.    Under these conditions, the Grand Jury concluded that “theft, fraud and misuse may indeed have already occurred, and we don’t know it.”

District 4 deserves a Commissioner who believes that an elected official has a fiduciary duty to responsibly manage and account for public funds.  Year after year, the School Board was told of material weaknesses in their management of finances, they promised to correct them, and yet did nothing.  Considering that my opponent did not hold the Superintendent accountable for public funds, she has little credibility when it comes to holding the City Manager and County Attorney accountable to the people of Athens.  District 4 cannot have a candidate who has a track record of making promises to better manage the public funds and then not fulfilling those promises.  Now, as a candidate, my opponent is the only local candidate for office who did not filed her campaign disclosure forms with the State Ethics office in a timely manner.  These disclosures are required by law, and she has failed again to comply with the responsibilities of her position.

Transparency and Accountability are not among my opponent’s priorities.  As Commissioner, I pledge to serve the citizens and lead a transparent government that is accountable to the citizens and taxpayers of Athens-Clarke County.

Support Government Transparency and Accountability.  Elect David Ellison to the Athens-Clarke County Commission.

Radio Forums with the Candidates

David Ellison will be on the Tim Bryant show on 9:00 AM tomorrow morning on WGAU Newstalk 1340 AM for an in-studio forum with the candidates for District 4.  If you miss the morning forum, you can listen to David at another in-studio forum that same day at Noon on WXAG 1470 AM.

The Athens-Clarke County Charter Overview Commission

The Charter Overview commission is comprised of local citizens and investigates Athens-Clarke County and assesses the Government’s performance and compliance with the Athens-Clarke County Charter.  You can read the full report  of the 2010 Charter Overview Commission here.  As Commissioner, David will consider the Overview Commission’s report and implement many of its recommendations.  In particular, he believes the following recommendations should be implemented.

The Commission (Pages 7-8)

  • Ensure that the Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan focuses on the community’s critical needs.
  • Given recent changes in the economy, the Commission should conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis (SWOT) for the community.
  • Develop a plan for being more visible with state government. Develop a proactive strategy for increasing Athens’ visibility with the General Assembly and state departments.

Manager’s Office (Pages 8-9)

  • Develop a long range (5, 10, and 20 year) financial plan for services, which asks each department to analyze changing community needs and opportunities for increasing efficiencies.
  • Create a reporting method to clearly track amounts paid to and services provided by individual consultants, consulting firms, contractors, and contract employees by each department

Public Utilities (Page 16-17)

  • Conduct an internal audit of the Public Utilities Department.

Planning (page 26)

  • Continue to dedicate a single member of the planning staff per applicant to coordinate the processes and assist in ensuring that the progress of each application to be expedited throughout the related departments in a timely and helpful fashion.
  • Regularly review the progress of each application by use of an interactive computer program that is linked to all departments with planning, utilities, inspections, and infrastructure duties to ensure that all applications are currently being expedited in the most efficient manner.
  • Create a methodology that keeps planning and development staff on the promised schedule so that applicants will have a better tool for planning the expenditure of their resources.
If you believe the Commission should consider a certain issue, implement a specific recommendation from the Overview Commission Report or believe that the Unified Government is not adequately performing its duties please let David know.


The New Athens-Clarke County Commission District Maps

The Department of Justice has approved the new Athens-Clarke County Commission District Map.  These new maps eliminate the “Super Districts” that have been in place since the creation of the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County and have created much uncertainty for Athens voters on the eve of a critical election.

To find the District you live in, you can look at the new ACC Commission District Map for Athens-Clarke County.  You can find a picture of the new District 4 Map here.

If you don’t know if you’re registered to vote or need to know where to vote you can go to the Secretary of State’s website.  At the Secretary of State’s website, you can also register to vote or request an absentee ballot.  The voter registration deadline is July 2, 2012.

If you have any questions, please send me an email or contact the friendly people at the Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections.  You can head down to their office at 155 E. Washington Street in Downtown Athens or give them a call at 706-613-3150.


David Ellison Appears on the Barbara Dooley Show

David Ellison, candidate for the Athens-Clarke County Commission, appeared on the Barbara Dooley Show on 1340 AM WGAU Athens GA to discuss his campaign for ACC Commission District 4.  On the show, David talked about promoting economic development, the importance of investing in Athens’ tax base and improving transportation options in Athens-Clarke County.  You can listen to the interview here.

The Red and Black Interviews David Ellison

The Red and Black interviewed David Ellison who recently announced his candidacy for Athens-Clarke County Commission.  David, who graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in 2010, believes his legal training and zoning background will bring an important viewpoint to the ACC Commission.  As Commissioner, wants to encourage economic development and job creation in Athens GA and ensure that taxpayer’s funds are spent efficiently and effectively.  You can read the Article here.

David Ellison Announces Candidacy for the ACC Commission on Newsmakers with Tim Bryant

David Ellison has announced that he is candidate for Athens-Clarke County Commission.  David appeared on Newstalk 1340 AM WGAU Athens with Tim Bryant to discuss his campaign for the Athens-Clarke County Commission – District 4.  On the show, David talked about his experiences on the Athens-Clarke County Hearings Board and Promoting Economic Development in Athens GA.  You can listen to the interview here.